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1006 hydraulic bridge
1006 hydraulic bridge
1000 Series hydraulic bridge

1006 hydraulic bridge

Based on the mature technology of the 1000, 800, and 600 series hydraulic bridges, the company launched the 1006 series hydraulic bridge, which is suitable for harvesters with a full load of about 8-13 tons. This product not only inherits all the advantages of the original hydraulic bridge, but also improves the design of the transmission The box has the advantages of compact structure, strong load capacity, etc., and its reliability is greatly improved.

Average input power58KWProduct features
Gear settingTwo gears

1. Provide customers with the optimal integrated solution for the matching of the whole machine, transmission, hydraulic pressure and power, so as to optimize the performance of the whole machine chassis;

2. The whole machine has compact structure, high reliability, and almost zero failure rate;

3. Two-gear setting, simple, convenient and comfortable to operate, save 20% of fuel, and increase harvesting efficiency by more than 30%;

4. The gear shifting mechanism adopts the meshing sleeve or synchronizer, and the shifting is smooth and without frustration;

5. All castings are made of nodular graphite casting materials;

6. The gears and bushings are all made of the same materials, processing and heat treatment processes as automobile gears to ensure the performance;

7. All gears use the gear module of the 1000 series gearbox, and the transmission torque is greatly increased.

8. All bearings and oil seals adopt internationally renowned brands;

9. According to the performance requirements of the whole machine, the transmission speed ratio can be adjusted appropriately;

10. According to customer needs, two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and anti-slip functions can be realized.


Shift mechanismEngagement sleeve/synchronizer
Working gear ratioGearbox:14.24、11.66
Wheel reducer:5.42、6、5.86、7.727
Travel gear ratioGearbox:4.19、4.55、4.94、5.8
Wheel reducer:5.42、6、5.86、7.727
Driving speedWorking gear:0-10Km/h
Walking gear:0-25Km/h
Maximum system pressure42MPa
Motor interface sizePositioning hole: φ127, 4-M14 bolt, distribution circle φ161.9
Hydraulic parts matchingAccording to the requirements of the whole machine, reasonably match the pump and motor models, and the brand can be optional
WheelbaseAccording to the parameters of the whole machine
Carrying capacityThe whole machine is fully loaded with 8-13 tons
Adapted modelsSelf-propelled harvesting machinery such as corn machine and green storage machine


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