Qingdao Kerite Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Kerite Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded in August 2008, the company now covers an area of 10,351 square meters and has nearly 100 employees. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise with high-tech products and more than 20 independent intellectual property rights. It has undertaken national innovation fund projects. Qingdao's major research projects and scientific and technological projects, etc., won the Qingdao Cleaner Production Demonstration Enterprise, Safety Production Standardization Level III Enterprise, Qingdao "Specialized, Special New" Enterprise, Provincial and Municipal Science and Technology Progress First Prize, Second Prize and other honors.

Since its establishment, the company has focused on "developing high-tech, non-polluting, industry-leading products, increasing the market share of superior products, and consolidating branded products" as the goal, and increase the number of new products that meet the domestic and international market demand and have high added value. Product development efforts to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. The HPT hydraulic continuously variable drive axle assembly for the 1000 series, 800 series and 600 series self-propelled harvesting machinery independently developed by the company is used as the mechanical 1000 series and D2.8 and D3.5 mechanical drive axle assemblies widely used in the market. Cheng's upgraded product is the first domestic company to produce this type of product. Once it went public, it caused a strong response. It was quickly tried out by several major domestic OEMs and led the comprehensive upgrade of the chassis drive system of the self-propelled harvester. Replacement.

The company has an independent measurement physical and chemical center, including three-coordinate measuring instrument, gear comprehensive testing center, tensile testing machine, gear meshing instrument, metallographic microscope, carbon and sulfur analyzer and other testing equipment, which provide a strong modern foundation for product quality assurance .

At present, the company has successfully supplied supporting equipment for various domestic large-scale agricultural machinery OEMs, including Jiufang Taihe, Xinjiang Mushen, Juming, Tianren, Zhongshou, Guofeng, Wuzheng, Dingguagua and other OEMs. The products are satisfactory. Degree above 98%. The reliable internal quality and beautiful appearance quality of the products are well received by the host manufacturers and industry insiders. In the future, the company will continue to be professional and focus on the R&D and manufacturing of agricultural machinery products. With a higher vision, we will strive to develop products with higher performance and quality and wider demand for agricultural machinery manufacturers at home and abroad, and contribute more to the development of the agricultural machinery industry in the future. Great power.

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Our advantage Our Strengths

The hydraulic driving system of harvesting machinery is the first in China

  • Continuously variable speed, simple operation,
    Comfortable driving and low labor intensity.

  • Good mechanical and hydraulic compatibility,
    The energy loss is small and the transmission efficiency is high.

  • Simple structure, convenient maintenance,
    Reliable performance and low failure rate.

  • Energy saving, green and environmental protection,
    Increase revenue.