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MS11 series hydraulic drive steering axle
MS11 series hydraulic drive steering axle
MS11 series hydraulic drive steering axle
MS11 series hydraulic drive steering axle
Wheel motor four-wheel drive series steering axle assembly

MS11 series hydraulic drive steering axle

Based on mature hydraulic bridge technology, the company has launched a hydraulic rear-drive steering axle suitable for four-wheel drive. The product uses a radial plunger motor to directly drive the tires without an intermediate transmission system. With the help of mature and reliable hydraulic components, the drive is more reliable. The wheelbase can be customized according to user requirements, using double-acting steering cylinders. With the hydraulic bridge, it can provide stronger driving ability, adapt to the complex road surface of farmland, and provide a more reliable guarantee for the whole vehicle to travel.

Average input power30KW产品特点
Speed ratio1

1. Provide customers with the optimal matching scheme of transmission, hydraulic pressure and power of the whole machine to optimize the performance of the whole machine chassis;

2. The whole machine has compact structure, high reliability and low failure rate.

3. All castings are made of nodular graphite casting materials;.

4. The wheel motor and solenoid valve are all imported from Poclain, which is safe and reliable.

5. Bearings and oil seals all adopt internationally renowned brands.

6. According to customer needs, the displacement of the wheel motor can be adjusted appropriately.

7. According to the needs of customers, match the two-gear box, which can realize the functions of two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and anti-slip.

Maximum system pressure42MPa
Rim interface sizeMiddle hole: φ220.7 8-M20*1.5 bolt, distributed circle φ275
Rear wheel positioning parametersRear wheel camber:2°
King pin inclination:6°
Rear toe(mm):2-4
Maximum rear wheel angle:42°
Diameter of steering cylinder63mm
Steering cylinder stroke250mm
Steering cylinder pressure16MPa
Hydraulic parts matchingOriginal imported MS11 series wheel motor
Function realizationTwo-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, anti-skid
Installation sizeAccording to the parameters of the whole machine
Carrying capacityThe whole machine is fully loaded with 12 tons
Adapted modelsFour-wheel drive rear axle of self-propelled harvesting machinery such as corn machine, grain machine, cotton picker, etc.

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