Qingdao Kerite Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

Recruitment position:CNC lathe operator (male)
  • Release date:2021.04.13
Job responsibilities

1. Complete the production tasks assigned by the link where the product or process is located on time;

2. Use the machine tool strictly in accordance with the requirements of the machine tool operating regulations and the machine tool manual;

3. Process the workpiece in strict accordance with the process documents and drawings, and fill in the process operation procedure sheet and other quality records correctly;

4. Responsible for the daily maintenance of machine tools;


1. Independent programming and machining experience are preferred. No work experience is allowed. The company arranges training and learning;

2. Work hard, work hard and work happily.

Benefits: piece-rate wages of 6000-10000 yuan, five social insurances and one housing fund, working meals, health check-ups, annual vacations and other benefits.


Contact person:Ms. Liu