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2000 hydraulic bridge
2000 hydraulic bridge
2000 hydraulic bridge

2000 hydraulic bridge

In order to fill the gap of domestic large-scale harvester drive axles, the company has developed 2000 series hydraulic drive axles suitable for 15-30 tons harvesters on the basis of 1000 hydraulic bridges. The product has three gears, which can adapt to various complicated working conditions and has strong driving ability. Hydraulically assisted disc brakes are used for better braking performance.

Average input power50KWFeatures
Gear settingThird gear

1. Reasonably match the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic control technology to avoid simple restructuring.

2. The whole machine has compact structure, high reliability and low failure rate.

3. Three-speed setting, easy to operate, convenient and comfortable.

4. The gear shifting mechanism adopts the meshing sleeve or synchronizer, and the shifting is smooth and without frustration.

5. All castings are made of QT450-10 material, which greatly enhances the carrying capacity.

6. The gears and bushings are all made of the same materials, processing and heat treatment processes as the automobile gears, ensuring the performance.

7. All gears with increased modulus are adopted, and the transmission torque is greatly enhanced.

8. Bearings and oil seals all adopt internationally renowned brands.

9. According to the performance requirements of the whole machine, the transmission speed ratio can be adjusted appropriately.

10. According to customer needs, two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and anti-slip functions can be realized.

11. According to customer requirements, complete the matching calculation of the whole machine and output the best plan of the chassis to ensure that the speed characteristics, traction characteristics, braking characteristics and efficiency characteristics of the whole machine are optimized.

Shift mechanismEngagement sleeve/synchronizer
First gear ratioGearbox:12
Wheel reducer:11.5
Second gear ratioGearbox:6.3
Wheel reducer:11.5
Third gear ratioGearbox:2.8
Wheel reducer:11.5
Maximum system pressure42MPa
Motor interface sizePositioning hole: φ127, 4-M14 bolt, distribution circle φ161.9
Hydraulic parts matchingAccording to the requirements of the whole machine, reasonably match the pump and motor models, and the brand can be optional
Wheel reducer:280Kg
WheelbaseAccording to the parameters of the whole machine
Carrying capacityThe whole machine is fully loaded with 15-30 tons
Adapted modelsSelf-propelled harvesting machinery such as corn machines, grain machines, cotton pickers, etc.

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