• Name: CLC-FL3015
  • Number: 67
  • Views : 931

CLC-X3015 CNC laser cutting machine Qingdao Kerui Te technical team absorb Europe's leading technology to produce gantry fiber laser cutting machine bilateral drive structure, reliable, efficient and practical; processing size 1500 × 3000 mm; optional exchange workbench.
Product advantages:

A, 1mm stainless steel or high speed steel cutting speed of up to 20m \ min; (depending on the laser power)

B, coupled with a rigid cast iron bed base to ensure high-speed movement when the device more stable performance

C, low gas consumption lasing occurs without gas, without the protection of an optical element N2 gas consumption

D, according to the laser characteristics, optional all-optical aplanatic system (patented technology), improving the cutting quality

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