Qingdao Kerui Te laser through cleaner production acceptance


For the implementation of the "People's Republic of China Cleaner Production Promotion Law" and "Shandong Province Cleaner Production Promotion Rules" and vigorously promote clean production, Ke Ruite laser in 2015 through clean production enterprises in Qingdao City for approval.

Cleaner production refers constantly taken to improve the design and use of clean energy and raw materials, the use of advanced technology and equipment, improve management measures, utilization, etc., from the source to reduce pollution, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce or avoid production, services and products use the process of production and emission of pollutants, in order to reduce or eliminate human health and the environment. Cleaner production is a sought minimal environmental impact, minimal use of energy resources, the best management and the best level of economic development of advanced production methods, enterprise transformation of economic development, improve the ability to participate in global market competition Inevitable select.

According to "People's Republic of China Cleaner Production Promotion Law" Article 28 provides that "business should generate conditions of production and service process of resource consumption and waste monitoring and, if necessary for production and service implementation of cleaner production audit" , the leadership decided that the company in May 2014 started the current round of clean production audits.

The main goal of cleaner production is to reduce the consumption of resources, prevent ecological damage, improve resource utilization efficiency, ensuring the sustainable use of resources. To promote the sustainable development of the factory, the factory to achieve economic and environmental benefits and win-win goal, long-term development of a strategic departure from the factory, the company actively respond to the requirements of energy saving of the countries concerned, and actively implement clean production audits. By introducing cleaner production methods, to regulate the management of cleaner production activities to promote cleaner production and management company established mechanisms to promote and further improve their environmental management, continuous improvement of environmental behavior and performance, the company fulfill social responsibility, to achieve the company environmental commitment Declaration.

Ke Ruite Laser Equipment Co. comfortable the whole plant to carry out cleaner production activities, the company from top to bottom attaches great importance to the establishment of cleaner production audit leadership and working groups, hired a cleaner production experts and industry experts, through enterprise development and production status of comprehensive evaluation by product, production processes, waste cause analysis, made a number of cleaner production program, as an opportunity to raise the overall awareness of cleaner production and clean production technology and management level employees.

Through cleaner production activities, the company has optimized the production process control, increase costs circulating levels of utilization and enhanced the company's environmental, material consumption management, improved technological processes, improve the use of resources in the same time, reduce the pollution of the environment and destruction, but also achieved good social and economic benefits.

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