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March 30, 2011, in Qingdao Kerui Te Industrial Park, Qingdao Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission organized and hosted the 2011 Qingdao Kerui Te Electrical and Mechanical Services Group Ltd. The new product appraisal, owned by Qingdao Kotai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. commitment to complete the KD04 full hydraulic double drum vibratory roller, KD135 saving fully hydraulic double drum vibratory roller, KP225 full hydraulic compact pneumatic roller, KS262D full hydraulic single drum vibratory rollers no impact other four rollers and efficient garbage KC260 compactors, five new products to participate in the appraisal, this appraisal by the City Commission by letter of experts selected a total of seven people, after a review of the relevant material, new investigation and verification, and finally agreed that the three kinds of products to the international advanced level, two kinds of products to the leading domestic level. ● KC260 efficient garbage compactor: KC260 efficient trash compactor landfill is essential equipment, with garbage crushing, compacting and push the whole function, is very conducive to conserve land, protect the environment, to extend the landfill field life. Not only good compaction effect, high efficiency, but also more than one machine can be used for roads, airports and other large embankment compaction. Products using a number of unique structure and innovation: 1, the unique compaction teeth: oval ring plus a number of uniform bumps, small oval ring height, half height diamond teeth longer, but also increase in the lateral extension semi-diamond tooth directly to the outer surface of the cylindrical wheel, form a cross tooth used to increase drive performance, high efficiency, good compaction effect; 2, four-wheel travel drive technology, large-tonnage with No-Spin differential lock drive axle ensure a high driving resistance; 3, the unique appearance of personalized design, vehicle elegant appearance, ergonomic; 4, all imports of centralized lubrication system, 12 points requiring lubrication work periodic lubrication, energy efficient, improve maintenance efficiency; 5, and the frame-in-one anti-tilt bracket and enclosed cab was more fully guarantee the safety of the driver; 6, imports Sarbanes load sensing piston pump, flow amplifier, steering, lightweight operation, with priority steering function, energy efficient; the product by the expert panel reached the international advanced level.

● KD04 full hydraulic double drum vibratory roller: a small double drum vibratory compactor, hydraulic drive, is mainly used for road maintenance and small-scale road construction machinery, suitable for urban and rural roads, parking lots, asphalt pavement repair and municipal compaction and other minor works. This machine uses hydraulic drive, single lever operated continuously variable hydraulic systems and other more advanced technology, compared with the mechanical greatly improves the ease of operation and reliability of the machine. The product by the expert panel reached the leading domestic level.

● KD135 saving fully hydraulic double drum vibratory roller is a full hydraulic double drum vibratory roller energy-saving, all-hydraulic drive, with a strong static pressure and superior compaction performance, front and rear wheels alone can achieve vibration during compaction advantages seams when the vibration alone can be better protected and the pressure to reduce the damage has good road, while about 10% energy saving, crab could reach 150mm unique crab design, combined with streamlined design of the cab and can achieve 180-degree rotation of the meter box control box designed to better ensure the vision that welt compaction. This product is of great significance to improve the quality of the project, to achieve energy saving, which can meet the different needs of high-end users. Product identification expert panel finds that the leading domestic level.

● KP225 full hydraulic compact pneumatic roller adopt international initiative to bridge (drive axle) box (transmission) in one structure and dry spring brake, simultaneously applied to tire roller, compact container transport can be achieved, so that the emergency brake and parking brake more secure. To achieve a double-digit CVT control, reducing mechanical transmission type clutch, throttle foot and other operations, reduce labor intensity of operators can meet the needs of highway asphalt surface layer of compacted final project. Product identification expert panel finds that reached the international advanced level.

● KS262D full hydraulic single drum vibratory roller no impact, no impact on the use of eccentric institutions, start-up and stop vibration process compliant and greatly reduce noise and reduce the impact on the hydraulic system and extend the service life of the bearing vibration, hydraulic coupled pump used to drive the pump and pump vibration tandem technology, advanced technology, reducing product failures, and greater reliability, this large tonnage single drum vibratory roller is highways, railways, highways, airports, ports, dams and municipal engineering and other infrastructure essential equipment products, identification expert panel finds that reached the international advanced level. Group of Experts on the site Kerui Te Electrical Group company in recent years the field of technology innovation in heavy industry gave high performance, and the company hopes the new product on the basis of appraisal based on the increased promotional efforts of products, production and business activities by leaps and bounds development of.

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